Privacy Policy

InstaTalk Privacy Policy

InstaTalk respects the privacy of its customers and takes protecting the privacy of its customers seriously. This policy briefly describes the personally identifiable information that InstaTalk collects from its customers and prospective customers and the steps that it takes to safeguard such information.

Collection and Use of Information

InstaTalk collects and uses personally identifiable information—such as name, email address, and credit card information—for billing and provisioning of service, to solve problems associated with service, and to inform customers and prospective customers of new InstaTalk products or services that will better meet their needs. InstaTalk may also collect such information from prospective customers through promotional campaigns it may occasionally conduct. InstaTalk may share such information with business partners to ensure the successful provisioning and operation of its services and to facilitate the marketing of InstaTalk products and services. However, InstaTalk does not sell, trade, or disclose personally identifiable information to third parties for unrelated marketing purposes. In addition, any customer who wishes not to receive information about new or different InstaTalk products or services may decline to receive such offers.

InstaTalk utilises “cookies” in its information gathering process in order to improve the quality of the InstaTalk web-site and as well as the quality of customer interaction with InstaTalk throughout the ordering, provisioning, and billing process. Customers may choose to block the use of such “cookies”, though that will make interaction with InstaTalk less efficient and could limit the availability of certain web-site features.


InstaTalk has invested in and deployed a variety of technology and security features to protect the privacy of customer information on its network. In addition, InstaTalk has implemented operational guidelines to safeguard customer privacy throughout the company. InstaTalk will continue to revise policies and implement additional security features as the emergence of new technologies warrant.

Account Information

Each customer is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s account information on file with InstaTalk is accurate and current. Customers may access their account information through the log-in procedure on the InstaTalk web-site or by contacting the customer support centre.

Children’s Privacy Policy

InstaTalk does not sell products or services for purchase by children. InstaTalk does not knowingly solicit or collect customer identifiable information from minors under the age of eighteen. In addition, InstaTalk will not knowingly link to any third party web site that solicits or collects customer identifiable information from minors. If you believe that a minor has disclosed personally identifiable information to InstaTalk, please contact us at so that the information can be removed.

InstaTalk Spam Policy

Use of InstaTalk facilities for spamming purposes is strictly prohibited. Misuse of InstaTalk facilities will be dealt with seriously and can result in the loss of InstaTalk privileges.

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