Callback: Premium quality calls that do not require internet but requires just to initiate the calls

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Initiate callback and we will connect you to your destination


Initiate Callback

Dial your destination number from within the app or from InstaTalk website


Receive a call from InstaTalk

After initiating the call, we will call you instantly.


Connect to your contact

We will connect you with your contact number for you to then enjoy the best quality voice during your call.

Salient features of Callback

Does not require internet

If you are low on internet or have a slow internet, our Callback service is at your rescue as it does not require internet for during call but requires just to initiate the call.

Use App or website for Callback

You can use our app to use the callback or can log on to and can use the same feature. This means you can now call in cases where you dont have your phone with you.

International rates start from 0.3¢

Access our low calling rates to over 250 international destinations worldwide. See rates

How much a Callback costs to me?

We will call both you and your destination so, you will have to pay our low rates for both the call.

E.g. If you are in the United States calling India you will have to pay our low US and India calling rates, i.e. 0.65¢/min + 1.1¢/min = 1.75¢/min, even that's way cheaper! (with great voice quality) than your calling card